Eyes that Entice

Add some edge to your everyday look . Here are  some  quick easy ways to go from a clean and gorgeous eye make-up.

Step by step

1.Concealer –  Concealer is used to under eye dark circles. Prep you eyes with good concealer across the base of the upper lid. Highlight the eye with just a dot of concealer under each eye. Always pat the concealer all over yours eyes with the help of using your ring finger.


2. Eye Shadow Primer Primer is the best way to keep your eye shadow in place for hours. Apply your favorite eye shadow to your lid.Eye base will keep shadow in place through workouts.


3) Apply Eyeshadow – Start with a light color that almost matches your lid. Sweep the color across the lid and up to your browbone. Follow with a medium color across your lid only. Build on this with a darker color in the crease. Blend the colors well.


4)Highlighter – Brighten your eyes with a highlighter of your choice. Apply the highlighter only in the inside part of the eye.To make your eyes “pop” dab a finger in to the lightest eye shadow and press it in to the inner corner of the eye where the upper lids meet the bottom lid.

5) Highlight your brow – Take the same light eye shadow and dab it on your brow bone, concentrating on your mid-brow outward. Blend with your finger.

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6) Curl Lashes – For added effect, Curl your lashes.An eyelash curler will make even long lashes look more gorgeous.  leaving them beautifully lifted and curled.



7) Apply Mascara A perfectly applied Mascara will draw attention for sure. Bend the brush of the mascara wand so its easier to maneuver and keep your lashes curled longer by  wiggling the brush back and forth at the base of your lashes.


Lastly, You may finish your makeup by applying a dark eye pencil on the water and lash line to intensify.


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