Blondes gone Indian

The great fashion maestro are famous for there intricate makeup and traditional yet modern saree styles that have transformed the world of an bride worldwide. Today, we would love to take you through all the inspiration that has gone behind his work.


This latest theme revolves around floral block printed chiffons with a typical makeup that suits the deco embroidered sarees with raw silk blouses.


I hope she is planning to stay connected to India …..I seriously doubt if any other European model or actress looks this comfortable in sarees. Most of the time its just for the sake of striking a pose.


She doesnt seem to be happy with her overall attire but when it comes to Indian celebrities, then Aishwarya Rai emerges as the all-time brand ambassador for artistic sarees and superb makeups, and some other too that are a part of this club


From the late ’70s Bollywood-inspired slinky squeezed sarees to those that screamed of Indian intellect—a declaration of love for Bollywood with a bit of American aspect.


In this typical floral saree you can explore certain other options that include the light weight chikan and Dhanekhali sarees with the high quality fabric across India. These sarees are another option that can go with the enchanting feminine look.

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