Makeup foundations are one of the most popular cosmetics these days. Well, they have travelled a long way from being colossal and unmanageable creams of the olden times when the choice range was very restricted to being smooth formulations which not only even out the skin tone that you have but also conceal your blemishes and make your skin look healthier! For that flawless complexion foundation is the trickiest makeup tip that you should apply. Follow these easy steps which is very important for applying foundation and be careful of wrong techniques in applying makeup.


• HYDRATED SKIN It is very essential to cleanse your skin and make it fresh. Cleansing skin twice a day will make your skin healthy and clean. For finest result ex foliate and hydrate your skin regularly.



KNOW YOUR SKIN TYPE – Before applying any foundation, it is very important that you should find out what kind of skin tone you have. Skin type can be light, dark, oil, dry or both. Hence pick a foundation that complements your type of skin.



MATCHING FOUNDATION Get the foundation which matches to your skin tone. Never try your foundation shade on to your hand as the skin shade is different from that of your face. Swipe the shade you think that matches your jaw line. The shade that blends absolutely is the right shade for you.



APPLY PRIMER – Most of you have scars or marks on your face. Using a primer will seal your pores, soften your skin and will make your face look smooth in complexion, reducing the look of fine lines and wrinkles.



APPLY A CONCEALER – You can even use a concealer for the flawless looking skin. It will make your skin glow because it hides all the blemishes and acne on your skin. But make sure before applying a concealer you wash your face and lightly moisturise it. So the next time you pick a foundation, make sure you choose wisely and get the best look of yourself.
















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