How to Clean Up Your Makeup Tools

Cleaning your make-up tools is one of those boring tasks that I understand, but yes today we can make it more easy and quick in the following blog. You will be surprised at how many people I come across who have used the same foundation brush for months or years and NEVER washed it. Washing your make up tools should be a regular routine. When you use your brushes, bits of make-up, oil, dirt, and even germs can get trapped in the bristles. Hence, when you apply make-up it is very essential that your Make-up should be hygienic and neat so that it does not leave a mess behind on your face. It is also important if you can use a high quality make up to provide a perfect skin.

In order to keep your make-up tools clean here are some quick tips to follow right away

1) Brushes – Keep your make-up brushes perfectly clean and ensure that all your brushes stay soft and hygiene. Clean and wash your brushes at least thrice a week. Use an anti bacterial soap and mix it in spin brushes in water until they are not clean. Rinse well, squeeze excess water from the brush and let it get dry.


2)  Sponge – Rinsing the sponge with warm water will help in keep the germs away and your sponge in good condition. Or use a gentle shampoo or mild soap in your finger, dab the sponge in warm water, Clean the sponge until it doesn’t get clean and neat.Dry it and use it again for applying make-up.


2) Lipsticks – Everyone apply lipsticks to give that extra touch up to their make-up. Sometimes it happens that your lipsticks get disinfected or get some black patches in it. So to make it like a new clean hygiene lipstick take an ear bud and wipe the top layer of your lipstick. Another way is to keep stray colour from ending up anywhere but your lips, twist downward the lipstick and rub alcohol-soaked cotton pad over the top and let the lipsticks dry naturally. Because alcohol kills bacteria, hence it will kill the disinfected part from it.


4) Mascara – Mascara is important to make your eyes look more entice, every time you use mascara there is excess of mascara left out on the brush and this makes the mascara dry and has clumps on the bristles. To clean that stick, Take a tissue paper and rub the extra mascara left on the brush gently, try to clean it by swaying it back and forth. The other way is to take a warm water dip of your makeup brush into water for four minutes and then dab the brush into paper and let it dry.

photo (6)

5) Eye Shadow – Eye shadows also get disinfected if you do not keep it clean, wipe the upper layer of eye shadow by removing it with a tissue, even you can dab the tissue paper slightly in a alcohol and clean the top layer of the eye shadow and let it dry and use it again.


Hence, Your make-up tools will be hygienic and you are ready to use for the perfect glam look !!

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