Independence Day’s Fashion and Make up Art!

15th August is probably one of the most important day after Cricket’s matches where our nation is united. India‘s 69th Independence is not just an ordinary day but a celebration like any festive in country. With growing popularity in the style of celebrating the day with events, celebratory get-together, gigs or parties there is also a big change in approaching of fashion and make-over’s when it comes to such day, which earlier only saw the plain white dresses or ‘saree’s’ with minimal make-up.


With the above image, you can easily make out the most creative way of tribute to our tri-color flag with this gorgeous eye make-up art which can work in a great favor.


Steps to create this spectacular look:-

  • Start with concealing your eyes and prepare lids by using an eye primer
  • Pick a bright matte orange eye shadow on a flat eye shadow brush and apply it on the inner half of the lids.
  • Use a grass green Eye shadow on the rest of the lid area but do not extend the color above the crease.
  • With a fluffy blending brush, blend all the harsh edges in the crease using a taupe brown eye shadow.
  • Skip on your regular black kohl and apply white eye pencil on the waterline.
  • For lower lash line – use a dark blue or a violet eye shadow on an angled brush and run along the waterline
  • Apply a subtle peachy gold shade for brow bone and inner corner highlighting
  • A glassy black eye liner to line the upper lash line and adding definition to the look.
  • Finish off with 2 coats of mascara


This is one of the make-up ideas which you take, coming to the fashionable dress code for the Independence Day, we all know that most of the places and events have tri-color theme wear but to avoid that monotonous theme we have something for you.


Magic of white: Well, nothing beats the combination of an all-white outfit. Either go the traditional way and show up in a white kurta, dupatta, churidaar or palazzo pants, or, simply wear a nice fitted white shirt with white pants. You can add pops of colours through accessories like orange bangles, green shoes or even chandelier statement earrings in green or orange.


Wave of Orange: With no surprise, orange has definitely made waves the last year and it continues its glory this year too. Opt for orange pants and colour block it with a green blouse or white shirt. If you’re not up for buying orange pants, invest in some inexpensive leggings or Patiala salwar and you’re sorted after matching them with white/ green kurta.


Green is good: While the other two colours are equally magical, nothing looks as surreal and lovely as the emerald green of our flag! I suggest wearing a green top or kurta with white jeggings. And for the finishing touch, do sport a striking bright orange lip. It will not only make heads turn, but will also be a bold statement.


So we just hope that this Independence Day, your freedom for fashion is not confined in simple dressing and make-up.

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