Just in: The Mid-Length Dress

Move over, short skirts and LBDs. The latest trend in party fashion is the mid-length dress, which has been growing in popularity ever since it hit the runways this year. While that is not to say that the popularity of the little black dress has diminished, the mid-length dress, or the midi, is threatening to offer stiff competition to the LBD.

Compared to the 2012 party season, midis are more in demand this year. Of course, the midi owes its popularity to a large extent to public appearances (in midis, of course) by celebs like Gwyneth Paltrow, Nicole Scherzinger and Victoria ‘Posh Spice’ Beckham.

The Mid-length dress

So what exactly is the reason behind this latest fashion fad? Speculation is on at large, and everyone is free to throw in their two cents. According to a survey conducted by a popular fashion brand, 68 percent of women feel more comfortable and confident in a dress that goes well beyond their knees, as knees are a huge problem area for most.

So ladies, now you know exactly what to grab the next time you go out shopping! Unless you prefer the classic LBD, because, well, an LBD is an LBD after all.

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