1. Use Primer

Many primers contain minerals that even out skin tone, decrease

breakouts and prevent dryness. Primers that contain waxes and polymers

help makeup stay for long creating a stronger bond between your skin and

your foundation. It’s the key to long lasting make up especially in hot and

humid weather.



2) Lighten up

The less you put on, the less there is to slide off. Go easy on the

foundation, use a damp foam-latex sponge and apply in short upward

strokes. Give it time to set before going forward with other makeup.


3) Liquid liners

Liquid liners are hard to apply but they add definition to your eye. Smudge

proof and water proof liners are a must for a humid and hot weather. With

a little practice and right guidance you will master this art.

download (2)

4) Creams are your friend

Cream-based blushes, eye shadows and lipsticks are recommended than powder when it comes to holding up to sweat and heat. Creams stay smooth and do not crease the way powder based products do.



5 ) A makeup sponge in your bag and loose powder.

Its summer and your make up can crease; a makeup sponge should be used to blot out any crease with a translucent powder. Be careful do not rub, just blot the crease out.

Keep these tips while applying your make up and shine with the sun throughout the day!


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