Make Your Face Look Thinner

Contouring can change the look of your face, if you want to put in the time!

  1. Contouring:

It isn’t something that you’ll do for your everyday makeup, because it’s time-consuming. But for special occasions it will work beautifully to slim your face. Use a darker color to make the sides of your face recede, and a lighter color to bring out the features you want to draw attention to.

  • Use a cream concealer that is two shades darker than your skin tone.
  • Use your finger to apply under the cheekbones.
  • Add a small amount under the chin.
  • To thin your nose, apply on each side beginning at the bridge of the nose.
  • Set with powder.
  • Use a clean brush to buff out any harsh lines.


  1. Focus on Eyes:

Another trick to focus attention away from the wider parts of your face is to emphasize your eyes. Use a shade of eye shadow that’s flattering to your coloring, and add highlighter to the corner of your eye and underneath the brow bone. But to avoid drawing attention to your eyes for the wrong reason, make sure that you cover up any dark circles.


  1. Shimmer:

Another way to draw the eye away from the width of your face is with a shimmery product. Apply the product along your collarbone and cheekbones. Like the highlighter, this will reflect light on your bone structure, and thus make it appear slimmer. Use a powder or cream product.


Let us know which makeup product could you not live without?


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