Must-haves for the Year End Celebrations

December brings with itself a nip in the air, happiness, festivity and parties. New Year’s Eve is a very special occasion, and a night to dress up in your prettiest finery – shimmer, glitter and all. Assisting you in making the last night of the year a memorable one are a variety of companies that specialize in decking you up exactly the way you want.

So here are a few top picks of stuff you can wear to all your big New Year’s festivities. Just remember not to pile them all on at once!

  • Nails – the more sparkly, the better!

Nail arts for christmas

This is a must for all those glam parties you will head out to. Let your nails do the talking!


  • Shimmer


No, we just don’t mean a glittery dress, but technical body and face shimmer! You want to be noticed under those spotlights, don’t you?


  • Neon Lip Colors

Neon Lipstick colors

What better time than the new year to try out something absolutely wild and wacky? Stock up on greens, yellows and blues!


  • Smoky Eye Shadow


No party is complete without bling on your lids! Bring out the smoky-sparkly eye shadow, and pile it on!


  • Voluminous Lashes


Whether you do it with mascara or with false ones, big lashes are mandatory this New Year’s.

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