My Personal Favourite Make-Up Brushes

                It took me a long time to pick the brushes and write this part because there are many excellent blush brushes of different shapes and materials just as there is a wonderful variety of blushes. The blush’s texture and intensity determines what brush would be ideal for a smooth application and even blending. Of course, the best brushes are the ones you can use with most blushes.

1.Paddle Brush

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The classic foundation brush is a paddle style, and it has never totally gone out of style.

You can use this brush for liquid, cream, powder and mineral foundations, but, it will give especially high coverage with powder and mineral products so it takes a bit more skill to avoid looking like a clown.

2.Kabuki Brush


This style of brush has grown incredibly popular in the past decade or so, and has covered the history of kabuki brushes. It is adequate to say that many women are happy using a kabuki brush to buff in liquid, cream or powder foundation, which gives a nice, diffused airbrush effect. Although this can be difficult style for people with dry, sensitive or acne-challenged skin.

3.Domed Brush


Another popular, versatile style of foundation brush is the domed brush, and they are usually good for all manner of foundations. The durable dome shape is especially well suited to thicker, high formulations that can benefit from extra diffusion and blending. That’s because a dome won’t flatten out too much when buffing on the face, even with a fair amount of pressure. When used with lighter foundations, this style of brush can also help achieve a very natural finish. 

4.Foundation Brush


The beauty business never gives up in its quest to bring you a better brush. The Estee Lauder Sculpting Foundation Brush , for liquid foundation and a natural finish. This new sickle-style brush is a really awesome shape for swiping foundation on the face. The higher point reaches skillfully under the eyes and it also swipes across the forehead in a manner that is curved to miss eyebrows and widow peaks.

5.Lip Brush


A lip brush makes for an even and precise application. An even thin layer of lipstick always looks better and more sophisticated than one applied with the bullet. It’s the little details and crisp edges that make the look of a full coverage lipstick (sheer and glossy formulas are often meant to look a bit messy and modern, but even they can benefit from better application). Also, by applying lipstick in a couple of thin layers you improve its hold and staying power. Then there’s mixing several shades and/or formulas- you absolutely have to use a brush when doing that.



Choose the ones that suit your needs.




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