Simple steps to get a good look

Step 1: Prepare  Face and Lips

Prepare your skin with moisturizer and apply a hydrating balm to your lips. Tend not to use makeup primers because the extra layer of product on my already oily skin actually makes my makeup break down faster.


Step 2: Apply Foundation

Using a dome-shaped brush, buff a lightweight foundation into the skin, taking care to blend past the jawline and onto the neck.

images (1)

Step 3: Add Highlighter

Apply a cream highlighter to your cheekbones and Cupid’s bow above the lip. Set this with powder so the effect is more luminous than shiny.


Step 4: All About the Eyes

Dust a pale, neutral shadow all over your lids and onto the brow bone, then add a medium taupe in the crease and along the lower lash line. Add a darker brown on the outer corners, and blend everything together with a brush so there are no harsh lines. Fill in your brows with pencil and apply mascara to curled lashes.

images (2)

Step 5: Blot Lips

Using  fingers, I press a dark, purplish lip color into my lips, then blot the lipstick to create a sheer wash of color.

Add blush as the final step, because it’s easy to overdo it when you aren’t wearing any lip color. Make sure the lips and cheeks harmonize.

Red lips

Mission accomplished!!!!!!



6784462-cute-girls-wallpaper download erfg images (1) images (2) images proom-make-up-91 Red lips

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