Skin Care In Monsoon

Monsoon makes us put away all your sweat, burns and tiredness after tiring heat. And in turn also compromises and asks us to take utmost care of body and skin. Cherag Bambboat gives you all the essentials by the simple precautionary measures to be taken care this pleasant season.
• To prevent infections on the skin, it is important to avoid keeping your skin wet for longer duration.
• Firstly, don’t forget, skin infections are very common during the monsoons. People with excessive dry skin and hair face problems as the moisture content starts leaving.
• During monsoon it is our feet that carry most of the infection by walking in dirt and mud. Hence it is advisable to have a good pair of shoes that make your feet dry and healthy.
• Even your nails are prone to certain fungal infections in monsoon. Keeping the nails clean is the key to avoid itchy nails and weak surfaces.
• Avoid heavy moisturising creams or oily foundations and cream-based colour make-up. Use a light mousse or a matte compact or simply a few drops of calamine lotion as a make-up base.
• Though it is cloudy and raining, don’t forget to apply a sunscreen. There are UV rays that damage the skin even in monsoons.
• Avoid using too many hair products instead use a gentle shampoo and conditioner for the hair. Do not apply it on the hair root or scalp but on the hair shaft.
• Make a habit of using a wash room as soon as you enter home; wash your hands and feet properly with lukewarm water. This avoids any type of fungal infection or bacteria on your body.

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