From runway to everyday facial cosmetics and makeup for face give you the products, tools and advice to achieve professional results every day. You’ll find everything you need for a gorgeous, glowing face. One of the product is  makeup primer. Makeup primers are crucial at keeping oil at bay while filling in fine lines and providing a smooth canvas for your foundation to stick.


The base for good makeup comes from really good skincare, and believe it or not, primer is a crucial component of healthy skincare. A good primer and a good moisturizer are very important to use for your face. Celebrity Artist cherag Bambboat talks about the primers he used through the span of his career. He likes to use the Makeup forever primer because it’s light, non-greasy and really helps tone the skin. It corrects the flaws and makes the makeup last all day. It works very well for the on shoots. It feels very silky and goes well with every foundation. A lightweight, oil-free complexion corrector that enhances the skin’s texture and primes the skin for makeup application. It works very well even for someone whose skin is prone to acne and breakouts, because of its texture and formula. 


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