Makeup is essential which is why women’s makeup kit is one of her most cherished belongings. A tiny makeup that holds their makeup tools to use it throughout the day whenever needed. Here are some basic makeup essentials that you must have in your makeup kit to give that touch up to your look to look  flawless and beautiful throughout the day and night.

1 ) Moisturizer/ lotion –  Your skin gets dry so easily , so you must have a small lotion bottle to keep your skin moisturize whenever needed throughout the day. To keep your skin hydrated use must have a moisturizer handy. For more extra benefit for protecting skin from sun damage use moisturizer that has SPF 15 and 30 for radiant looking skin. A must have product in your makeup kit.


2) Concealer – Your face has blemishes and marks, to cover all the marks, pores use the good concealer,apply it and dab a light layer of translucent powder to set the stage for a flawless face.


3) Blush – Blush is a healthy makeup product that gives a natural shine free look to your cheeks,by adding a blush make-up on to your face gives that extra plus point to your makeup. It emphasizes your features and provides that glow effect last day long.


4) Translucent Powder – It important that makeup should look naturally fresh; applying a translucent powder perfectly creates a flawless glow in your skin. After any makeup you apply you try to set the makeup by a powder, so this is another product you must have in your makeup bag.


5) Kajal / Eyeliner – Both is must essential products to attract the eyes, applying a small stroke of kajal defines the eyes and make it look glamorous. You can keep this in your makeup bag for a small touch up if you are going for a party or normal friends gathering for a more impactful look.  Gel eyeliner or liquid eyeliner is also the essential product everyone has in their bag.


6) Lip gloss / Lipstick – For a daily wear you should have one or two lipsticks shades that you can use for special events. Always buy lipsticks of basic colours that can be suit on any outfit. Lip gloss gives a natural look and gives a classy finishing touch.



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