Winter calls for a lot of extra- extra care.

Keep your skin healthier this winter with tips from Cherag Bambboat.

Moisturiser: Winter air has a tendency to strip your skin off moisture leaving it dehydrated. It is advisable that you apply a moisturiser within minutes after you shower while your skin is still damp. If you have a particularly parched skin, then it might be of help to use it twice a day, in morning and evening. 

L'orealNourish hair: Hair needs more than the usual care to keep its gorgeous shine. Boost the health of your hair by giving it some nourishing aid in terms of a hair mask. This is a great dose of moisture that your hair will love.

doveBB cream: Beauty Balm popularly known as BB cream. One in all facial beauty treatment to replace serum, moisturiser, primerfoundation and sun block. No wonder it has become one of the hottest selling products in the beauty industry. This versatile beauty product is a must have this winter season.

MACHeels nourishment: During winter our heels are exposed to the dryness in the air. This causes dust to settle on the skin of the heels which tends to crack. The solution is simple, moisturise. But to take this a step further and keep your heels protected and moisturised – wash and scrub your feet thoroughly while off to bed and then apply moisturiser. Rub it in and put on some cosy socks. This will help keep your heels protected and crack free.

sublimeProtect your eyes: The winter sun may not shine as bright or feel as warm, but its harmful UV rays can still reach your eyes. Reason to make sure your sunglasses block 100% of UV rays.



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