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How you can make the make-up last for long on Oily skin.

Having oily skin can be extremely complicated if the right products are not used. Generally, if you are facing oily skin issues, using cleansers, toners and blotting papers helps control excess oil to a certain limit. Below is a list of products and remedies suggested by Cherag Bambboat.


  1. Cleanser: Wash your face first with an oil free face wash to clean off the existing oil from your face.




  1. Matt: Next thing to do is start with a light, moisturizing matt lotion, which absorbs the excess oil your skin produces to help keep you matte. Make sure you choose a lotion that’s light shaded, absorbs into the skin instead of just sitting on top of the skin.


  1. Foundation: Few foundations work best for oily skin as they are oil free. Liquid foundation is popular today because of its convenience and accessibility. It needs no water to moisten it, and it comes in an abundance of colors and formulas.1833951
  2. Blotting paper: Always carry blotting paper along to clear off the shine produced due to oil especially in the T-zone (area of a person’s face that includes the forehead, nose, and chin).blotting paper
  3. Retouch: Retouch the cleansed area with slight foundation for a perfect look all over again.


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